SIHC continues to innovate and we are proud to present our groundbreaking platform for digital hearings at a time when the possibilities to meet physically are limited.

With the SIHC virtual arbitration platform every participant can connect from their own safe location anywhere in the world – and still fully and securely participate in the hearing. This means SIHC can cover all aspects of a traditional hearing virtually – including secure separated virtual break-out rooms, document sharing, court reporting, translation and more.

SIHC’s virtual arbitration platform is a unique combination of knowledge gained from years of experience which we combine with software, hardware, technical controllers and IT support at our four locations in Stockholm. The only physical presence needed is for all the technical equipment and our dedicated technical controllers and IT-support staff who actively curate what is being presented to the wider hearing. They also support remote participants with technical issues that may arise before, during or after the hearing.

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