We provide the best possible locations for arbitration hearings in central Stockholm. Our three venues are located in the city’s most attractive business areas and offer several rooms of various sizes equipped with modern technology and excellent catering services. With our experience of arranging arbitration and mediation hearings, we guarantee a high level of professionalism and confidentiality at every stage of the process. All members of our staff are committed to our confidentiality clause to protect any information and documents related to proceedings within SIHC.

SIHC was established 2010 in response to the increased demand for hearing venues in Stockholm that emerged due to the important role Sweden plays in international dispute resolution. It was also by the initiative of Annette Magnusson, Secretary General of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC).

SIHC is a part of 7A, which offers office solutions and conference rooms at four venues in Stockholm CBD located at Strandvägen, Odenplan and Vasagatan.

We proudly present our advisory board that provides SIHC with invaluable knowledge which contributes to the growth of our business.

Fredrik Norburg; President, Lawyer/Partner, Norburg Law Firm
Natalia Petrik; Deputy Secretary General, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce
James Hope; Lawyer/Solicitor-Advocate/Partner, Vinge Law Firm
Kristoffer Löf; Lawyer/Partner, Mannheimer Swartling Law Firm
Johannes Lundblad; Lawyer/Associate, Lundblad Svahn Law Firm

SIHC cares for the environment

The Nordic Eco-label Svanen has been around since 1989 and is the official eco-label in the Nordic Region's. 7A works actively for a sustainable environment and is a member of Svanens Inköpsnätverk.



Swedish Chamber of Commerce

The SCC was established in 1917 and is part of, but independent from, the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. The SCC consists of a Board and a Secretariat and provides efficient dispute resolution services for both Swedish and international parties. We work as their partner and official provider of hearing rooms and arbitration implementation.

Arbitral Women

Arbitral Women is an international non-governmental organisation bringing together women international dispute resolution practitioners. We co-organize their events in Stockholm.


Young Arbitrators Sweden

YAS is an association for young practitioners in the field of arbitration, with more than 700 members in Sweden and abroad. We host some of their gatherings at our venues.


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