We offer various services to facilitate the arbitration process and are sensitive to your specific requirements. When you make a reservation with us you will be appointed an experienced project manager who will assist you with all necessary preparations and coordination. SIHC works with a high level of integrity and all staff members have signed an agreement of confidentiality and they will respect any information that they might encounter during a hearing at SIHC.

Virtual arbitration

SIHC is proud to announce that we now offer a virtual platform for digital hearings at a time when the possibilities to meet physically are limited. Every participant can connect from their own safe location – from anywhere in the world and still take part in the hearing.


When you make a reservation with us you will be appointed an experienced project manager who will assist you with all necessary preparations and coordination. You will also find a personal contact onsite to assist with general enquiries throughout the hearing.


We offer modern technical equipment and prepare the room with all the necessities for your hearing. The main hearing rooms are fully equipped with push-to-talk microphones, 24” screens for the tribunal and witness/expert, a projector and screen, audio recording, laptop, open WiFi and AV- setup and teardown by our technicians. We use HDMI connections, but also provide most adaptors.

Food & Beverage

At SIHC we know that food and drinks are of the utmost importance to a successful day of negotiations. We offer season-based menus, carefully composed by our experienced catering chefs, offering everything from lighter breakfast to lunch and three course menus. We also offer limitless customization of our menus upon request.

Court Reporting & Translation

We are happy to advise our customers on court reporting services including daily transcripts and on-site reporting. We are also able to to connect you with experienced translators to assist you during the arbitration process.    

Deliveries & Storage

We offer the possibility to safely store binders, documents and other material before the negotiations begins. Please note that it costs 450 SEK / day for storage when goods arrive earlier than 24 hours prior to the first day of your hearing.


We collaborate with several hotels in the area around our venues and offer rates at a discounted price upon request. Please let us know in advance if you wish to book accommodation and we will send you a proposal and a code that you use when making a reservation.


Transportation in Stockholm is simple and fast. Since all our four venues are located in Stockholm city there are several different means of transport to choose from whether you are coming from the airport or traveling in Stockholm.

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