Under the prevailing circumstances that prevent us from being a global citizen, SIHC is dedicated to developing new innovative solutions to facilitate the process of modern dispute resolution.

We are therefore proud to offer a virtual hearing platform that allows every participant to connect from their own safe location anywhere in the world – and still fully and securely participate in the hearing. This means SIHC can cover all aspects of a traditional hearing virtually – including secure separated virtual break-out rooms, document sharing, court reporting, translation and more. No previous knowledge from either party is required.

Our virtual platform is a product of knowledge gained from experiences during the past year that we combine with software, hardware, and experienced IT support at our four venues in central Stockholm.

Our AV support team secure the setup and monitor the entire hearing for a smooth and professional process. We make sure that all preparatory test-calls and checklists have been ticked off in advance with all participants. Furthermore, we offer remote support before, during and after the hearing.

Please contact us at arbitration@sihc.se for additional information.



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